Groups Guide

The purpose of groups is community. Jesus, the Bible, and authenticity are the main ingredients. Cultivating an environment that is safe to share, and open to transparency, where the presence of God can meet the true condition of our soul. Facilitating this is done by asking questions and listening as they grow closer to God and one another.

Connect. Introduce yourselves and share a bit about who you are. Each week, get a little deeper, more personal. Get to know their families, relationships, work, and hobbies. This is what friends know about each other. And in friendship explore the application of the Word, and the Presence of God.

Summarize.  Take turns summarizing the message in your own words. This is not a
personal application yet. Make sure you fill in gaps if any of the main points are not
mentioned. But listen!

Personal. This section will allow you to go deeper and be sensitive to God’s activity in
people’s lives. Ask questions and facilitate conversation as it pertains to the message
this past weekend. What did you get out of the message? Be prepared to quickly share the impact on you. But first, listen!